INTERINFRA was created in 1976 to promote turnkey urban, suburban and intercity rail projects and to manage such projects. INTERINFRA draws on the expertise of its shareholding Groups:


        SOGELERG Ingéniérie


         SGTE SGE


INTERINFRA manages and co-ordinates all the essential services for the construction and operation of a transport system.

                          CAIRO METRO

Through contracts awarded by the Metro construction Organization - The NATIONAL AUTHORITY FOR TUNNELS - INTERINFRA has participated in the construction of the two existing Cairo Metro Lines. Regional Line 1, the first metro in Africa and the Middle East, was completed in 1989. This line (42,5 km long, 4,5 km of which runs underground through the city center) is presently providing a modern, safe, comfortable and rapid means of transport for in excess of 1 400 000 passengers per day. Construction of Urban Line 2, Phase 1, started in the summer of 1993. The section from Shubra El Kheima to Mubarak station (8km) was opened to the public in October 1996 and the section from Mubarak station to Sadat station, 3 km long, was opened to the public in September 1997. The Phase 2A section (from Sadat station to Cairo University station, 5km long, 4km of which runs underground) which comprises the crossing under the two branches of the Nile should be opened to the public in April 1999, 10 months ahead of schedule. Works on the remaining part of the line, Phase 2B (3km long at grade section), started in the Autumn 1997 and are presently in progress. The opening to the public is planned for the end of year 2000.




571-34 - The Tunnel   



1141-15 - Cairo University Station



1153-35a - Fresco at Opera Station


6.CCR. - Central ized Control Room



522-26a - WORKSHOP Général View     

The contract for construction of Line 2 which was signed between NATIONAL AUTHORITY FOR TUNNEL (N.A.T.) and INTERINFRA in late 1992, comprises the design, supply construction and putting into service of the Civil Works, Power Supply, Electromechanical, Low Voltage and Telecommunication systems.


LINE 2 :

                Total length (including Shunting zones) :        19 162m

                Total Stations (including 12 underground) :    18 Units

                At grade and elevated section :                           6 609m

                Cut and cover section :                                        1 657m

                Bored tunnel :                                                       9 451m

                Headway :                                                              105 sec

Tunnel :

                Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) diameter :         9.44m

                Inside tunnel diameter :                                    8.35m

Concrete Structuresand Arrangements Works

                Diaphragm  walls :                                          365 000m3

                Drilling works :                                               1 400 000lm

                Grouting works :                                             200 000T

                Structural concrete :                                       400 000m3

                Filling concrete :                                             125 000m3

                Arrangements of stations and associated structures.

Power Supply and Electro-Mechanical Equipment

                20kV  and 750 Vdc cables :                               755km

                Rectifier Stations :                                            18 Units

                Lighting and Power Stations :                          32 Units

                Dewatering pumps :                                            94 Units

                Elevators :                                                            47 Units

                Escalators :                                                          156 Units

                Toll gates :                                                           640 Units

Air Treatment Equipment

                Chiller units :                                                    58 Units

                Air handling units :                                           87 Units

                Air fan units :                                                     151 Units

                Air treated per station :                           900 000m3/hour

Workshop :

                items of equipment :                                           66 Units

Signalling and driving mode

                Local signal box and Low Current Room :       27 Units

                ATP/ATO system for trains :                              62 Units

                Centralized Control for Traffic, Traction and Power.

Telecommunications :

                Train Radio system, Automatic and direct telephony,

                Public address system, Intercom system, Clock system,

                CCTV system and Fire detection system.


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